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Allows for virtually unlimited mounting possibilities with surface, flush, or hood mount. Delivers exceptional straight on and off-angle performance with either its total internal reflector (TIR) or linear optic technology


  • Multicolor available in amber/blue, amber/red, amber/white, amber/green, blue/white, red/blue, and red/white configurations
  • Tricolor available in blue/amber/white, red/amber/white, red/blue/amber, and red/blue/white configurations
  • Multiple mounting solutions that eliminate the need for separate parts for surface, hood, and flush mounting
  • Single or split color models have TIR optic LEDs
  • Multicolor and tricolor models have linear optic LEDs
  • 6 LED single color featuring 29 flash patterns
  • 12 LED multicolor featuring 69 flash patterns
  • 18 LED tricolor featuring 24 flash patterns per color mode configuration
  • Syncs with Code 3's Chase, MR6, and M180 exterior lights
  • Water resistant
  • Multiple flash patterns with phase 1 and phase 2 syncing capabilities

MR6 Surface Mount

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